American Civilization

Seminar Syllabus AMS1b

The seminar description for AMS1a reads as follows:

The purpose of seminar is to clarify and complicate our understanding of American Studies 1A course materials. To that end we will discuss lectures and readings, screen relevant films for wider context, test our knowledge with quizzes, and engage one another in a spirit of scholarly camaraderie

Not much has changed in that regard: seminar is intended to be the place to address questions about the course materials. In order for this to work, students will need to engage in discussion.  

We will be taking quizzes far more frequently this semester. As in the past they will be pop quizzes intended to gauge reading comprehension. You can expect at least one of these a week.

Note that the grading percentages for this semester are slightly different:

Individual Seminar Requirements  20% 

Paper 1     15% 

Paper 2     15% 

Final Examination    20% 

Midterm      15% 

Field Trip Assignment    15% 

Fully 20% of your final grade, then, will depend on your completion of reading assignments and willingness to participate in seminar. 

My office hours are the same (T/Th 3-4) as is the location (the library coffee shop). Should you be unable to meet with me at these times, send me an email and we’ll work something out.

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