American Civilization

January 28, 2009

Florida Cowmen

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Remember how I told you in class that Florida has more cattle than Texas? Apparently this is no longer the case. The impact of a rising population and construction of homes and strip malls have diminished pasturage. According to the Baltimore Sun there are now 1 million head of cattle in the state, down from 2 million in 1972. In spite of that decline the cattle industry persists, as evidenced by  Bob “Dusty” Montana’s website Florida Cattle Ranch. (Check out “Palpating Cows” if you have a strong stomach.)

As we’ve seen, the notion of the West as the last frontier on the continent is an enduring part of the American myth-system. Yet the argument has been advanced that the last frontier was in fact located in Florida.

January 26, 2009

Great Plains

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A panorama of the Great Plains

Apparently Lakota Sioux have seceded from the United States. 

The Republic of Lakotah website featuring an interview with Russel Means.

As we move forward with the semester we’ll see that the issue of indigenous rights remains a crucial issue not only in the United States but globally. The UN recently adopted the declaration of the rights of indigenous people.

Here’s a photo– a postcard, actually– of the aftermath of Wounded Knee:


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